Snow white

  • Snow white cake 6
    Serves 15. Weight 1.5 kg.To make an order please press BUY or ADD TO CART, then proceed and pick options for sponge and filling, date and time for delivery or pick up, then choose shipping and payment options. At the end of the order you will see field that say COMMENTS - please write there the message and all other details we need to know about your order. Please note VAT and delivery fee are not included in this price and will be calculated at the end of the order.
    425 AED
  • Snow white cake 5
    Serves 10. Weight 1 kg.
    250 AED
  • Snow white cake 4
    Serves 50.
    1,480 AED
  • Snow White and Dwarfs Cake 3
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    950 AED
  • Snow White Cookies
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    30 AED
  • Snow White Cake 1
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    300 AED