Sales policy




We do not disclose the way we calculate the prices for our cakes.

Picked up cakes

All cakes ordered for pick up MUST be paid in advance - you can pay online via to, via Western Union or CASH in one of our branches. Cakes not paid at least 48 hours in advance will not be confirmed.
Please note that many of the cakes are difficult to be transported and may be damaged if not properly driven or carried. We would not be responsible for any cake picked up from our store in proper condition and damaged after that.
Please make sure to check your cake and pick it up only if it is is in proper condition upon pick up.


• Most novelty and shape cakes feed 25-30. We do not offer exact dimensions as each cake is hand crafted in freehand. Our cakes look big and carry a great impact. We have never had a customer complaint with regard to cake portions.

Please note that heads of 3 D shape cakes and some other decorations on the cakes usually are made from cereals mixed with cream or from styrofoam decorated with sugar paste, and the actual cake that you should cut and eat is the body. Also keep in mind that there are wooden dowel rods ( wooden sticks) inside the cake which are meant to support the cake. Those wooden sticks are specificly made to be used in food products and without them the cake can not be done.

In the cakes made with more than 1 tier we also use wooden or plastic sticks and plates to support the cake. Those sticks and plates are also made to be used in foods and can not cause any harm provided that they are removed when cutting the cake.

Keep this in mind and once you cut the cake remove all wooden and plastic parts to avoid any problems especially for the children.

When sugar flowers are used in the cake - they have metal wires supporting them - which are not edible, but also produced to be used in the cake decorating.

Very often we use also tooth picks to support sugar figures. Beware for children please.

• We can make novelty cakes bigger at 50% extra charge. This will feed up to 60 people.
• We do not make smaller size novelty cakes.
• All cakes are made of vanilla or chocolate sponge with whipping cream or buttercream with jam. Mixed sponge for cakes means vanilla and chocolate sponge layers.

Cake Storage and Shelf Life
• All cakes should be stored in a cool dark place on a flat sturdy surface. We reccommend you order your cake for the same day it will be cut.
• Never put cakes in the fridge other than fresh dairy cream cakes before cutting then it will spoil the decoration.
• Sponge cake will keep for 24 hours after being cut and kept in the fridge.

Edible Images and Sugar Models

• Edible images can be put on almost any cake. We can scan and print any photograph or image. When ever an image is scanned and printed the quality deteriorates so make sure you give us the best quality pictures you can.
• If you wish to supply a digital picture, please send it by email to

• Hand made sugar models to accompany your cake such as a book, ballet shoes and mobile phone etc cost 40 Dhs each. Figures of people and animals cost 95 Dhs each. Bigger figures cost 125 dhs. More elaborate sugar crafted models can be quoted for separately.

• We require 2 working days notice (Occasionally 1) on all cakes ordered. One week for wedding cakes. Skilled cake decorators are rare and valuable crafts people. Occasionally we may not have the resources to meet demand. Please order as early as you can.
• Please check your order thoroughly before payment. For bespoke cakes, our decorators can only create the finished article from what they interpret from the wording of your order. It is not possible to create exact specifications when modeling food, just a graphical representation.
• If an inscription color or any other choice is left un-selected on your order then we reserve the right to use our own discretion.


• We only accept cash or cards via paypal. We no longer accept personal cheques. Please note that credit card machines are not available in our shops. Only cash payment is accepted at the moment. You can pay by credit card only online via - just send your payment to

- Full payment in advance is required for wedding cakes at least one week prior to delivery.

- Please note that upon clickning that you agree with terms and conditions - you must pay for a cake if you don't cancel it at least 48 hours in advance.

• All cakes are delivered boxed.
• We only deliver within Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman, occasionally we deliver to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
• Delivering in Dubai is very unpredictable due to congestion. Please order your cake few hours before you need it to assure you have the cake on time.

- There will be no refund on paid cakes canceled less than 3 days prior to collection or delivery.

- For confirmed cakes cancelled less than 48 hours in advance - 50% charge will apply. Our working time is from 9am to 6 pm so any cancellation sent after 6 pm will be considered as sent on next day.

• Corrections and repairs to cakes, including inscription mistakes, can be corrected on the same day in most cases. You are required to give us this opportunity and must let us know of the problem within one hour of accepting your cake.
• Complaints are very rare and so we take them very seriously. Some complaints may require further investigation and an immediate refund may not always be possible.
• Cakes, or part of cakes, must be returned within the same day to ensure we are able to fairly assess the nature of the complaint.
• The maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake and delivery. Further compensation is not available.