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Frosting sheets - edible paper

Frosting sheets - edible paper

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Decor Paper Plus is a high quality edible paper for photo cake decoration. It has a smooth white surface which results in brilliant color prints when used with edible inks from KOPYFORM.

It is only slightly thicker than regular printing paper, thus reducing feeding problems in printers to a minimum.

The sheets can be used on any type of frostings, rolled fondant, marzipan, whipped cream, and butter cream.

Product Details

Decor Paper Plus from Kopyform got a pleasant sweet vanilla taste. It can be used on all cake surfaces, whipped cream included.

Kopyform offers Decor Paper Plus in two different sizes: A4 (210 x 297 mm) and A3 (420 x 297 mm). A box in size A4 contains 25 sheets whereas a box in size A3 contains 30 sheets (3 x 10 sheets).

Decor Paper Plus has the advantage of being very thin (about 0.45 mm) and is easily fed into the printer. Our Decor Paper Plus paper has a shelf life of 24 months after the date of manufacturing.